On average human being’s from the time they are born till 19 are known to be children, for parents their children are their child till the last breath. Reasonably every child is different in their own way unless national law defines a person to be an adult at an earlier age.

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We tend to love children, they are young beings with a learning mind, and always straightforward with their act of kindness. 

It feels good to have kids around, they bring the child within us. We get to be kids ourselves recalling us of how we were brought up. We cannot be judgemental about them, they are as innocent as any other child. 

They are born, nurtured, and the process of their growth is fundamental to our needs.

What are the 3 stages of Children’s growth?

Treating every child by understanding them first is not an overnight assignment to complete. They think and process information differently from you or anyone above their age. Every child is different when they are growing from the early stages of life until adulthood. 


This is the first stage of life for every human being in the world, from the age 0-8, this time is when a child is developing to build their body and acquisition of language. Though, they need to rely on others and gain to learn trusting other people. They need to feel this security in order to properly develop both physically and emotionally.


From 3-8 years of age, known to be an early childhood development where children start to explore and discover that their actions have consequences. As they continue from their early repercussion, 9-12 year old kids should be nurtured to develop self-confidence. With proper guidance achieving a healthy level of self-confidence helps children stay motivated.


As they begin to test out new intelligence and gain their first decision-making skills, from the age 13-19 children develop sense of self independence of who they are in the world. It is a confusing and stressful period for them as puberty causes many physical changes, thus for these changes they might experiment with different roles and try to find out where they belong.

Children’s Lifestyle in the Commonwealth

For the well-being of every child that is recognized as a fundamental human right, on standard with the rights to shelter and education. 

Most people don’t take action until they follow what wealthier countries are doing for a change, taking a decade or such to improve their own country’s economy by means of various advancements. 

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Currently, American/European children, who are free from working in the fields or a factory, as children long had – now are allowed to play and have free education for an increase in the European Union and the United States of America’s economy.

If we truly care less about one another, that separated society might be blamed by the values parents have elevated upon their children. 

Many evidence shows that it is not passive education or even the amount of words a child is exposed to – that matters most. Instead, it is the quality of education that is important. 

Our lifestyle brings what we’ve observed from many fellow parents becoming so focused on life goals that they fail to nurture kindness to children, and we are not only addressing their biological children but for every other child in a whole nation, worldwide. 

Apart from society’s and nation’s socioeconomic status, there are differences in the learning behavior of Girls and Boys: Boys Who Sit Still Have a Harder Time Learning to Read

Surrounding lifestyle causes girls and boys to grow and develop their understandings in different ways, as girls and boys verge in puberty at a different age, the way to nourish and guide them should also differ from each other: Stages of puberty: what happens to boys and girls.

Children’s Obligations

Now we know we should treat children dif­ferently at different ages; problems occur with parents when they are unable to act appropriately for their child’s developmental age and needs.

We need to set a good example for our next generation which depends on our current generation. Mostly, every child is different and tends to be treated in a somewhat similar way at the same age or level of their development. 

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A mother may have more prominent carings towards her children in their respective toddler years but less visibly affectionate towards other children. 

Matter of fact, the mother will use her time to develop her own kids, a mother’s devoted energy brought up her children in the world, the mother might even decide to lose her own life for her children.

Sibling order of your children also will affect the way you relate, the older child may perceive that the younger sibling is receiving more affection. 

The moments they are involved, and thus the way they de­velop as individuals. For instance, firstborn children may feel neglected or unloved after the arrival of a new sibling. Though their parents may expect or at least hope for them to be more responsible and self-sufficient, firstborns may act younger or more babylike to attract parental attention. In turn, the parents may express frustration or anger with them because of their babyish behavior. 

With time spent, everything will come to ease once the children grow up to be full-grown adults. Parents get satisfied when their children are taking care of responsibilities, and are then able to support a new family. 

What about Special Children?

Never be ashamed, or mock, or abuse any child, those children were born with the most different attributes from everyone else. Autism, schizophrenia, deformed, children are the most gifted in the whole world. 

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Special children have been determined to require special attention and specific necessities that other children do not. They are attached to their own world and most importantly they illustrate the needs of our world the most. These children motivate us to build love, compassion, and most importantly fight for every cause happening all around. 

They remind us of how other beings are living across continents, even how special are the needs of plants and animals, what should we build within us for the purpose of living and caring. So much to learn from them.

Special kids remind how animals think and care, formed in a group, and support each other with necessities. These all-round up to make our world a happy place to live in. So never or such even complain, be harsh, or regret to take care of a special child. Be glad you are in a cause to help and support a child in very much need than anyone else. Thus these characteristics build a society, your neighbors, and everyone who then realizes to make the world a beautiful home.

But not for long if we aren’t aware to help other children on the streets.

The Street Kid

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In the countries of the 3rd world, consider this for every child is different from their appearance and status. In these countries, just wonder how it feels when you are on the way to work or a place to visit, those begging children asking for money, food, or support, but you can’t help them all, this adds irregularities of contour in your daily life. 

And because no one isn’t able to teach them daily rights and wrongs, just be born to move to the streets and forced to earn for rights at a young age.

This phenomenon happens every single day, and every other day you get the chance to meet the same kid, with the same dialogue they pursue, and their actions to grab your attention for their need of hunger, they may forget your face and how you look or what you were wearing, but they never forget how street kids should ask other pedestrians on the pathway for small support. 

Street Kid’s soliciting or selling goods on the streets makes your day awful, your conscious will never be attached to your current work ethics, and your subconscious will never know why can’t you have the patience or do something right?. 

This content may bother you till you call it a day about that look on those children’s faces, and the way their parents, and companion’s assisting them on the streets to grab a giveaway from your pocket.

You might not think about how pollution occurs when we can make a way to fix it, starting from making a rightful shelter to train and teach those street kids to be a better person, and not to produce masses in open streets, for them to be able to develop to survive and support their own families for the next generation. 

Admittedly humans can’t stop populating, but indeed we can teach and reform your country’s status by teaching our child to be different, and for every child is different in better ways, not by suffering to break the society into a depreciation but to provide proper supplies in the shelter, food, and education.

This will go for centuries and people will populate more, in every corner of the street you will find a child in need of something, without any awareness to cause it to not happen, it is not mentally healthy to beg for food, nor salutary to buy the goods from those kids on the streets.

2021 lets bring a change

Yemen Is Suffering (click to know all about the current crisis in Yemen and how can you help)

I would like to add about this topic which is the very most example in our world to spread awareness about starvation. For decades, children with their foremost needs and rights are not provided to them, and the ongoing Yemen war is not to end! 

A malnourished boy lies on a bed at a hospital in the Red Sea port city of Houdieda, Yemen September 9, 2016. (Reuters/Abduljabbar Zeyad), Picture from QUARTZ

Infants left on the streets, in hospitals, and abandoned from their own homes. Starved to death with no means except for the media to portray how Yemen locals are suffering. 

The most disturbing amongst all is intentional starvation. The biggest racism crime against the law.

Donated money for the needs of these children, but all are the result of no improvements. Starting from organizations till private charities, nothing we could do to stop this absurd psychotic scene.

Every child is different, give them the rights for improvement, show them a way to take good measures in the world, and belong them to a part of the family with rightful obligations, provide and teach them with their needs and importance in this world. 

Dr. Obaidur Rahman Faiz


Let’s bring a change


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