You may think that world culture roots are somehow engraved in our behavior even though we might not realize it in a day or years. For example, the first could be how we communicate with our parents. In some cultures, it would be new to see where people try to fit in, as your mom works outdoors and dad is doing house chores, or if our mom dresses in public that people feel uncomfortable. These are mainly the actual rule of fitting in which would still feel strange if that was taught by our parents.

Every person in the world must know about their traditional way of needs to fit into society. The more we learn the more educated we become. The confidence in us gets allure, for instance, people can criticize different cuisine like spicy foods, some people would prefer not to eat spicy because it irritates their digestive tract for the whole night. Another case about articles of clothing, how that influences our visual and mental precision. These self-centered behavior build up in everyone’s daily life once people judge the number of wedding guests, some parts of the world people wonder why are others so different? may also think that a non-native person is doing it so why let that individual outdo than the native?

Every country cultures in every continent are indeed different from each other, with cultures and styles of living. Some would want to migrate by living in other countries and begin a new heritage for themselves. The modern culture believes that all should come equal, if not then there are arising issues with global warming or scarce of natural resources. Planet Earths Quantitative Energy is limited, as more population increases resources are insufficient for humanity to survive upon this planet.

Culture includes the social conduct and standards found in human social orders, just as the information, convictions, expressions, laws, customs, capacities, and talents for the people in these groups. People secure culture through the learning procedures of enculturation and socialization, which is appeared by the decent variety of societies across social orders, and that codes our culture in our history. It’s our pride that needs to be passed on to the next generation.

The value of people’s lifestyles increases if they are educated about cultural standards. An individual more educated in cultural behaviors are comprehended to have more historical value than someone who is not socialized, but if they are educated about the history of how civilizations came to be adds significance to human psychology.

Where you’re born, the community you raised in, events you have experienced during your childhood, and other personal adventures influence us. How where you’re born influences the person you become, and culture in which we are raised is a big factor which helps us to fit in the current society. 

Over diversification is a hedge of ignorance – 
William O’Neil

People to people there is a verge to delve into the city of sin, in the menu some might not eat pork, or some may even become totally vegetarian, they may go for a booze night out, or may even drink a pint sitting at home. It’s engraved in our mind that pork is harmful for us in many ways, from cultivating in farms in a harsh way till it gives burst to a virus effecting the food chain. 

In other words, if an individual speaks to a culture where insight and comprehension are the perspectives embedded in them, in a culture where instruction is viewed as a significant angle and is intended to be accomplished, at that point a learning person would be of more noteworthy information and comprehension at long last, which would, in the end, help the perosn in improving as an individual throughout everyday life. This part of knowledge is either administered by the hereditary legacy or the general condition winning the general public and suggesting result of the way of life. 

Moreover, some of the time when others don’t meet the limits of desires and expectations set by us, created through the reasoning we picked up by our social comprehension, we regularly consider that as prompt that possibly we are unique or they. As should be obvious from the previously mentioned examples how the reasoning is impacted by the way of life surrounding us and resultantly and eventually influences the sort of individual we become in the future.

My opinion to fit in is try to understand your surroundings, know things how the world is pursuing in development with intelligence and sharing. Travel more to know what other places have to speak and show us the right way of living, even share secrets for improvement amongst each other so it becomes viable for individuals to make a change to the betterment of nature, ones inner psychology, and more which at the end is more convenient for every different person living in the society. 

Noorshat Kabir Chowdhury



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