If you sit down one day under the stars and ponder about life, and if you think deep enough regarding your children’s content, your thoughts will take you to places and make certain realizations. I’ve known it for me, which always made me wonder why we are, the way we are, why we think the way we do, and what drives us to the various sets of goals and ambitions we all have.  

I’m no expert, but after reading up on life a bit, I came to the understanding that it has a lot to do with the way we are raised, what influences we’ve had, the trauma we suffered, and what other experiences we went through. If you put more time to think about it, shouldn’t it be exactly what determines many things in our lives? Certainly not all, but most.

Why children’s content matter?

When I had this realization, I provide to keep my mental list of do’s and don’t’s, for when I’m a parent myself, and raising my own children one day; which may be an overdone plan at my current age, but I consider preparing for the future in advance. I want to be able to lead a good quality of lifestyle, in which I can take up issues like racism, depression, hatred, etc, they are so far and widespread all over the world.

I think I might have acquired this trait from my dad, who loves to preplan everything and leave for his flight to the airport, 6 hours before departure.

This article consists of an idea that would help ensure my children find the best way possible, not to prejudice, and to realize their own value to support themselves and understand the value of family, friends, love, religion, education, and respectfulness. Especially in the social world of TikTok trends or CarryMinati.  

I would want my children’s contents to be their own selves, well, sure we can’t prevent what is almost certain to happen, though we can definitely try to create better situations where our children have prosperous living.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” 

– Carl Sagan

Age of 0 to 8 is when our brains are “downloading data”, and a lot of knowledge receives permanent information into our subconscious mind, which supposedly is 90% of our brain. This is when “Alpha Waves” begins to develop, and when “programming naturally occurs” in a child’s subconscious mind: how parents can hurt or help their kids

Most parents, these days worry for their children, are they eating healthy, how well they are sleeping, and they’re right educations. It gets upsetting to see so many children being left on YouTube, Facebook, and other streaming channels, with no monitoring of contents they consume, and the way their subconscious mind is being affected by it. 

Most importantly when it comes to a time when the world goes through a pandemic lockdown, and children are on their phones, TVs, and computers to consume their time from boredom.   

As aforethought, I bother my cousins and young siblings, restricting them to watch certain scenes on Netflix or play games, which are above their age rating, though this is certainly not enough.

Furthermore, We would like to share possible solutions, which may encourage the young ones around you. When Genius Brands International makes content, it keeps in mind all of the things above.

About Genius Brands International 

Genius Brands International media promises of “content with a purpose”. 

They teach values through personalities in the form of cartoons, with likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Thomas Edison, and countless others who have had a successful career, and ongoing lasting impact in the world.

Today they released their new digital channel, called the “Kartoon Channel!”. Their free children’s content is created for kids of 2-11 years old. Partnered with Alibaba and Sony. 

Kartoon Channel! will be streaming 4,000 episodes of their original content on Amazon Prime, Apple TVComcastCoxSelectTVDISHSling TVTubiXumo, and many more, check Kartoon Channel!,  google app.      

Can’t vouch for them enough! Please, have a look and check how amazing they are creating cartoons to teach kids what really matters to learn. I truly believe in this media’s goal and potential and have a notable stake in it as well. It has been dubbed “Netflix for Kids”, and I expect nothing less.   

Click the link for their Latest 10-K @Genius BrandInternational.

Khalid Ayaz Khan



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